[saturday, april 25, 2020]    
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3:01 AM NETFLIX j-style trip: tba (#106)
8:00 AM DISNEY XD beyblade: burst: tba (#713)
9:00 AM CARTOON craig of the creek: tea timer's ball
  OVATION grand designs: honiton (#1407BA)
  HBO sesame street: dog day engineers (#5024)
9:15 AM CARTOON craig of the creek: sleepover at jp's
9:30 AM DISNEY XD ducktales: louie's eleven! (#V505)
  CARTOON victor and valentino: la cucarachita (#V303)
9:45 AM CARTOON victor and valentino: lords of ghost town (#V304)
10:00 AM CARTOON total dramarama: mooshy phon phons (#V209)
10:15 AM CARTOON total dramarama: student becomes the teacher (#V210)
10:30 AM CARTOON thundercats roar: barbastella (#V119)
10:45 AM CARTOON thundercats roar: adopt a jackal (#V120)
12:00 PM ABC nfl special: 2020 nfl draft - rounds 4-7
[special presentation]
6:00 PM OXYGEN cold justice: a family's nightmare (#525)
7:00 PM OVATION frankie drake mysteries: a brother in arms (#0304BA)
8:00 PM HBO bad education
[original telefilm]
  NAT GEO WILD dr. oakley, yukon vet: tba (#806)
  LIFETIME dying for motherhood
[original telefilm]
  A&E live pd: roll call - 04.25.20
8:07 PM A&E live pd: rewind #322
9:00 PM NAT GEO WILD alaska animal rescue: tba (#103)
  NBC dateline nbc: tba
  A&E live pd: live pd - 04.25.20
  OWN love goals: i don't want to do this anymore (#108)
  HMC matchmaker mysteries, the: a fatal romance (#202001)
[two-hour special presentation]
  TRAVEL paranormal 911: backyard hanging, dr. dead and the mist (#202)
10:00 PM CBS 48 hours: tba
  COOKING fire masters: we flame to please (#209)
  NAT GEO WILD jungle animal rescue: tba (#102)
  TRAVEL my paranormal nightmare: haunted grounds (#101)
[series premiere]
  HISTORY unxplained, the: amazing animal abilities (#208)

  [april 2020]