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date (day) time network episode title
1/29/19 (Tu.)10:00 PMTRUTV(#V508) Adam Ruins Nature
1/22/19 (Tu.)10:00 PMTRUTV(#V507) Adam Ruins Games
1/15/19 (Tu.)10:00 PMTRUTV(#V506) Adam Ruins a Sitcom
1/8/19 (Tu.)10:00 PMTRUTV(#V505) Adam Ruins a Plate of Nachos
1/1/19 (Tu.)10:00 PMTRUTV(#V203) Adam Ruins Weddings (R)
12/18/18 (Tu.)10:00 PMTRUTV(#V504) Adam Ruins Flying
12/11/18 (Tu.)10:00 PMTRUTV(#V503) Adam Ruins Tech
12/4/18 (Tu.)10:00 PMTRUTV(#V502) Adam Ruins Sleep
11/27/18 (Tu.)10:00 PMTRUTV(#V501) Adam Ruins Guns
4/24/18 (Tu.)10:30 PMTRUTV(#V406) Reanimated History - 100 Years Ago Today
4/17/18 (Tu.)10:30 PMTRUTV(#V405) Reanimated History - The Copernican Ruin-aissance
4/10/18 (Tu.)10:30 PMTRUTV(#V404) Reanimated History - An Ancient History of Violence
4/3/18 (Tu.)10:30 PMTRUTV(#V403) Reanimated History - Mutually Assured Ruination
3/27/18 (Tu.)10:30 PMTRUTV(#V402) Reanimated History - The First Factsgiving
3/20/18 (Tu.)10:30 PMTRUTV(#V401) Reanimated History - Give Me Liberty or Give Me Truth
11/7/17 (Tu.)10:00 PMTRUTV(#V316) Adam Ruins The Future
10/31/17 (Tu.)10:00 PMTRUTV(#V315) Adam Ruins Science (**)
10/31/17 (Tu.)10:00 PMTRUTV(#V315) Adam Ruins Science
10/24/17 (Tu.)10:00 PMTRUTV(#V314) Adam Ruins Halloween
10/17/17 (Tu.)10:00 PMTRUTV(#V313) Adam Ruins Wellness
10/10/17 (Tu.)10:00 PMTRUTV(#V312) Adam Ruins Conspiracy Theories
10/3/17 (Tu.)10:00 PMTRUTV(#V311) Adam Ruins The Economy
9/26/17 (Tu.)10:00 PMTRUTV(#V310) Adam Ruins The Suburbs
9/19/17 (Tu.)10:00 PMTRUTV(#V309) Adam Ruins His Vacation
8/29/17 (Tu.)10:00 PMTRUTV(#V308) Emily Ruins Adam
8/22/17 (Tu.)10:00 PMTRUTV(#V307) Adam Ruins College
8/15/17 (Tu.)10:00 PMTRUTV(#V306) Adam Ruins What We Learned in School
8/8/17 (Tu.)10:00 PMTRUTV(#V305) Adam Ruins Art
8/1/17 (Tu.)10:00 PMTRUTV(#V304) Adam Ruins Dating (**)
8/1/17 (Tu.)10:00 PMTRUTV(#V304) Adam Ruins Dating
7/25/17 (Tu.)10:00 PMTRUTV(#V303) Adam Ruins The Hospital
7/18/17 (Tu.)10:00 PMTRUTV(#V302) Adam Ruins Weight Loss
7/11/17 (Tu.)10:00 PMTRUTV(#V301) Adam Ruins Having a Baby
1/3/17 (Tu.)10:00 PMTRUTV(#V112) Adam Ruins Death (R)
12/27/16 (Tu.)10:30 PMTRUTV(#V214) Adam Ruins Christmas (R)
12/27/16 (Tu.)10:00 PMTRUTV(#V215) Adam Ruins Going Green
12/20/16 (Tu.)10:00 PMTRUTV(#V214) Adam Ruins Christmas
12/13/16 (Tu.)10:00 PMTRUTV(#V213) Adam Ruins Justice
12/6/16 (Tu.)10:00 PMTRUTV(#V212) Adam Ruins the Internet
11/29/16 (Tu.)10:00 PMTRUTV(#V211) Adam Ruins the Wild West
11/22/16 (Tu.)10:00 PMTRUTV(#V210) Adam Ruins Prison
11/15/16 (Tu.)10:00 PMTRUTV(#V209) Adam Ruins Drugs
10/25/16 (Tu.)10:00 PMTRUTV(#V208-60) The Adam Ruins Everything Election Special
10/18/16 (Tu.)10:00 PMTRUTV(#V107) Adam Ruins Voting (R)
10/4/16 (Tu.)10:00 PMTRUTV(#V207) Adam Ruins Housing
9/27/16 (Tu.)10:00 PMTRUTV(#V206) Adam Ruins Immigration
9/20/16 (Tu.)10:00 PMTRUTV(#V205) Adam Ruins Animals
9/13/16 (Tu.)10:00 PMTRUTV(#V204) Adam Ruins Malls
9/6/16 (Tu.)10:00 PMTRUTV(#V203) Adam Ruins Weddings
8/30/16 (Tu.)10:00 PMTRUTV(#V202) Adam Ruins Football
8/23/16 (Tu.)10:00 PMTRUTV(#V201) Adam Ruins Hollywood
8/16/16 (Tu.)10:00 PMTRUTV(#V110) Adam Ruins Sex (R)
12/22/15 (Tu.)10:00 PMTRUTV(#111) Adam Ruins Death
12/15/15 (Tu.)10:00 PMTRUTV(#109) Adam Ruins Nutrition
12/8/15 (Tu.)10:00 PMTRUTV(#108) Adam Ruins Sex
12/1/15 (Tu.)10:00 PMTRUTV(#107) Summer Fun
11/24/15 (Tu.)10:00 PMTRUTVAdam Ruins Hygiene (R)
11/17/15 (Tu.)10:00 PMTRUTV(#110) Adam Ruins Work
11/10/15 (Tu.)10:00 PMTRUTVAdam Ruins Voting
11/3/15 (Tu.)10:00 PMTRUTVAdam Ruins Hygiene
10/27/15 (Tu.)10:00 PMTRUTVAdam Ruins Restaurants
10/20/15 (Tu.)10:00 PMTRUTVAdam Ruins Forensic Science
10/13/15 (Tu.)10:00 PMTRUTV(#102) Adam Ruins Cars
10/6/15 (Tu.)10:00 PMTRUTV(#101) Adam Ruins Security
9/29/15 (Tu.)10:00 PMTRUTV(#100) Adam Ruins Giving

9/29/15 - ???
on hiatus or fate to be determined
completed airing its current season
5 (8 episodes)
completed airing its fifth season on 1/29/19; has yet to be renewed for a sixth season
(from truTV's press release, May 2018) In Adam Ruins Everything, creator and host Adam Conover embarks on a comically inventive and relentlessly factual quest to reveal the hidden truths about everything we know and love. Tackling a broad range of topics in the upcoming third season, Conover delivers both fun facts and compelling information, encouraging viewers to see the world in a whole new way. Created by Conover, the series is produced by Big Breakfast, an Electus company, with Conover, Sam Reich, Jon Cohen, and Jon Wolf serving as executive producers.
· Adam Conover as Host
· Adam Conover as CRTR/EP
· Jon Cohen as EP
· Jon Wolf as EP
· Sam Reich as EP
· reality (all)
· reality (documentary)
· Big Breakfast