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date (day) time network episode title
10/8/21 (Fr.)12:01 AMAMAZONJustin Bieber: Our World
10/1/21 (Fr.)12:01 AMAMAZONMy Name Is Pauli Murray
9/17/21 (Fr.)12:01 AMAMAZONBlack Power
9/17/21 (Fr.)12:01 AMAMAZONSubnormal
8/6/21 (Fr.)12:01 AMAMAZONVal
6/30/21 (We.)12:01 AMAMAZONCold Case
6/25/21 (Fr.)12:01 AMAMAZONMary J. Blige's My Life
5/21/21 (Fr.)12:01 AMAMAZONP!nk: All I Know So Far
5/7/21 (Fr.)12:01 AMAMAZONThe Boy From MedellĂ­n
4/16/21 (Fr.)12:01 AMAMAZONSteelers, The World's First Gay Rugby Club (UK and Ireland Only)
11/26/20 (Th.)12:01 AMAMAZONEverybody's Game
11/6/20 (Fr.)12:01 AMAMAZONFerro
10/16/20 (Fr.)12:01 AMAMAZONTime (2020)
9/18/20 (Fr.)12:01 AMAMAZONAll In: The Fight for Democracy
9/18/20 (Fr.)12:01 AMAMAZONFernando Torres: The Last Symbol (United Kingdom Only)
5/1/20 (Fr.)12:01 AMAMAZON(Spanish) Una vuelta al sol (Spain Only)
4/24/20 (Fr.)12:01 AMAMAZONHappiness Continues: A Jonas Brothers Concert Film
12/6/19 (Fr.)12:01 AMAMAZON(Spanish) #Lagira de #eldisco
11/29/19 (Fr.)12:01 AMAMAZONAndy Murray: Resurfacing
6/4/19 (Tu.)12:01 AMAMAZONChasing Happiness

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