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date (day) time network episode title
9/9/17 (Sa.)7:30 AMDFC(#216) It Takes Two
9/9/17 (Sa.)7:00 AMDFC(#215) Three the Hard Way
9/2/17 (Sa.)7:30 AMDFC(#214) Lights Out
9/2/17 (Sa.)7:00 AMDFC(#213) Prison Break
8/26/17 (Sa.)7:30 AMDFC(#212) Yo'In in the Wind
8/26/17 (Sa.)7:00 AMDFC(#211) Bad Signal
8/19/17 (Sa.)7:30 AMDFC(#210) Hail/Hydra
8/19/17 (Sa.)7:00 AMDFC(#209) So We Meet Again, for the First Time
8/12/17 (Sa.)7:30 AMDFC(#208) A Blazing Scheme
8/12/17 (Sa.)7:00 AMDFC(#207) Blazing Man: The Movie!
8/5/17 (Sa.)7:30 AMDFC(#206) Lightning Strikes
8/5/17 (Sa.)7:00 AMDFC(#205) Heroes & Villains
7/29/17 (Sa.)7:30 AMDFC(#204) Three's a Crowd
7/29/17 (Sa.)7:00 AMDFC(#203) The Boy Who Cried Yo
7/22/17 (Sa.)7:30 AMDFC(#202) The Order in Chaos
7/22/17 (Sa.)7:00 AMDFC(#201) Darkness Descends
5/15/16 (Su.)8:30 AMDFC(#126) Enter the Black Dragon
5/8/16 (Su.)8:30 AMDFC(#125) The End So Far…
5/1/16 (Su.)8:30 AMDFC(#124) Race to the Finish
4/24/16 (Su.)8:30 AMDFC(#123) Blaze-y Like a Fox
4/17/16 (Su.)8:30 AMDFC(#122) Jumping Jack Shard
4/10/16 (Su.)8:30 AMDFC(#121) Return of the Corn Dog
4/3/16 (Su.)8:30 AMDFC(#120) A Spy for a Spy
3/27/16 (Su.)8:30 AMDFC(#119) The Longest Shard
3/20/16 (Su.)8:30 AMDFC(#118) Into the Light
3/13/16 (Su.)8:30 AMDFC(#117) Yo-Tomatic for the People
3/6/16 (Su.)8:30 AMDFC(#116) Yo-Rassic Park
2/28/16 (Su.)8:30 AMDFC(#115) The Eagle Has Landed
2/21/16 (Su.)8:30 AMDFC(#114) Muscle Beach
2/14/16 (Su.)8:30 AMDFC(#113) A Rock and a Shared Place
2/7/16 (Su.)8:30 AMDFC(#112) Strong Like Wilson
1/31/16 (Su.)8:30 AMDFC(#111) Lonely at the Top
1/24/16 (Su.)8:30 AMDFC(#110) When Fanboys Attack
1/17/16 (Su.)8:30 AMDFC(#109) Blind Spot
1/17/16 (Su.)8:00 AMDFC(#108) The Tiger by the Tail
12/18/15 (Fr.)7:00 AMDFC(#107) Not So Great Scott!
12/11/15 (Fr.)7:00 AMDFC(#106) Such a Lonely World
12/4/15 (Fr.)7:00 AMDFC(#105) The Greatest Yo on Earth
11/27/15 (Fr.)7:00 AMDFC(#104) Double Trouble
11/20/15 (Fr.)7:00 AMDFC(#103) Balancing Act
11/13/15 (Fr.)7:00 AMDFC(#102) The Second Yo
11/13/15 (Fr.)6:30 AMDFC(#101) The First Yo

11/13/15 - 9/9/17
canceled/ended (2016-2017 season)
completed airing its current season
2 (42 episodes, 0 of which have yet to air)
a show on hiatus for longer than 12 months - without any news about its future - is assumed to be canceled
(from Discovery Family Channel's press release, January 2016) BLAZING TEAM, the #1 boys brand from China, brings viewers into the mystical world of "Yo Kwon Do", a practice that blends the skill of the yo-yo with the power of martial arts. This original 26-part series - first launched in November, targeting Kids 5-10 - follows an ordinary group of teens from Union City with extraordinary capabilities. All-new episodes of BLAZING TEAM will now air on Sunday mornings at 8 AM and 8:30 AM (7 AM and 7:30 AM central), only on Discovery Family Channel. In each half-hour episode, the teens work together to become the ultimate BLAZING TEAM, following the guiding principle that balance in all things is key to achieving full potential. Thanks to their ongoing training with Yo Kwon Do master Lao Shi (and his pet duck Taco!), these teens-turned-heroes work to stop individuals that have been transformed and infected with shards of darkness.
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· Guangdong Alpha Animation & Culture Company
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