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date (day) time network episode title
3/1/19 (Fr.)8:30 PMFOXTBA
2/22/19 (Fr.)8:30 PMFOXTBA
2/15/19 (Fr.)8:30 PMFOXTBA
2/1/19 (Fr.)8:30 PMFOXTBA
1/25/19 (Fr.)8:30 PMFOXTBA
1/18/19 (Fr.)8:30 PMFOXTBA
1/11/19 (Fr.)8:30 PMFOXTBA
1/4/19 (Fr.)8:30 PMFOXTBA
12/28/18 (Fr.)8:30 PMFOX(CK-106) TV Heist (R)
12/27/18 (Th.)9:30 PMFOX(CK-102) The Cool Kids Rig an Election (R)
12/27/18 (Th.)8:30 PMFOX(CK-105) Sid Comes Out (R)
12/21/18 (Fr.)8:30 PMFOX(CK-103) A Date with Destiny (R)
12/14/18 (Fr.)8:30 PMFOX(CK-109) Margaret Dates the Zodiac Killer
12/7/18 (Fr.)8:30 PMFOX(CK-108) Hank the Cradle Robber
12/7/18 (Fr.)8:30 PMFOX(CK-108) Cradle Robber
11/25/18 (Su.)7:00 PMFOX(CK-104) Margaret Turns 65 (R)
11/16/18 (Fr.)8:30 PMFOX(CK-107) Thanksgiving at Murray's
11/9/18 (Fr.)8:30 PMFOX(CK-106) TV Heist
11/2/18 (Fr.)8:30 PMFOX(CK-102) The Cool Kids Rig an Election
10/19/18 (Fr.)8:30 PMFOX(CK-105) Sid Comes Out
10/19/18 (Fr.)8:30 PMFOX(CK-102) The Cool Kids Rig an Election
10/14/18 (Su.)7:30 PMFOX(CK-101) Pilot (R)
10/12/18 (Fr.)8:30 PMFOX(CK-103) A Date with Destiny
10/5/18 (Fr.)8:30 PMFOX(CK-104) Margaret Turns 65
10/5/18 (Fr.)8:30 PMFOX(CK-102) The Cool Kids Rig an Election
9/28/18 (Fr.)8:30 PMFOX(CK-101) Pilot

9/28/18 - ???
currently airing (fall 2018)
fridays from 8:30 PM-9:00 PM EST
1 (22 episodes)
full season of 22 episodes ordered on 10/19/18
(from FOX's press release, May 2018) From executive producer Charlie Day ("It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia") and starring Tony Award nominee David Alan Grier ("The Carmichael Show," "In Living Color"), Emmy Award nominee Martin Mull ("Veep", "Roseanne"), Emmy Award winner Leslie Jordan ("Will and Grace," "American Horror Story") and Emmy Award winner Vicki Lawrence ("Mama's Family," "The Carol Burnett Show"), THE COOL KIDS is a multi-camera comedy about a rag-tag group of friends living in a retirement community who are willing to break every rule in order to have fun - because, at their age, what do they really have to lose. HANK (Grier) is the leader of this motley crew, a gruff, opinionated, 21st century Archie Bunker who will go to any lengths to have a good time. His loyal, but less than helpful, friends include CHARLIE (Mull), a bumbling storyteller who constantly goes off on tangents about some bizarre, barely believable episode from his life; and SID (Jordan), a naysaying, pill-popping hypochondriac who shoots down every scheme, but still gets roped in. Complicating matters is MARGARET (Lawrence), a brash, confident woman who forces her way into their group and refuses to leave because she's not going to take crap from anyone - especially not these three. But what unites them all is their shared belief that they're not done yet - not by a long shot. Growing old with dignity is for chumps. Our self-proclaimed "cool kids" are determined to make the third act of the lives the craziest one yet.
· David Alan Grier as Hank
· Leslie Jordan as Sid
· Martin Mull as Charlie
· Vicki Lawrence as Margaret
· Charlie Day as CRTR/EP
· Don Scardino as EP/DIR (Pilot)
· Kevin Abbott as EP (Pilot)
· Nick Frenkel as EP
· Patrick Walsh as EP
· Paul Fruchbom as CRTR/CO-EP
· comedy (all)
· comedy (multi-camera)
· 20th Century Fox Television
· FX Productions