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date (day) time network episode title
11/28/20 (Sa.)9:00 PMTRAVELTBA
11/21/20 (Sa.)9:00 PMTRAVELStairway to Hell
11/14/20 (Sa.)9:00 PMTRAVEL(#209) Antique Shop of Horrors
11/7/20 (Sa.)9:00 PMTRAVEL(#210) Evil in the Attic
10/31/20 (Sa.)8:00 PMTRAVEL(#207-120) Reunion In Hell
10/24/20 (Sa.)9:00 PMTRAVEL(#211) 911 Fear Factory
10/17/20 (Sa.)10:00 PMTRAVEL(#202) The Witching Tree (R)
10/17/20 (Sa.)9:00 PMTRAVEL(#208) Evil Ink
5/27/20 (We.)9:00 PMTRAVEL(#206) Spectre of the Surgeon
5/20/20 (We.)9:00 PMTRAVEL(#205) Demonic Plantation
5/13/20 (We.)9:00 PMTRAVEL(#204) Afterlife Sentence
5/6/20 (We.)9:00 PMTRAVEL(#203) Prison Poltergeist
4/29/20 (We.)9:00 PMTRAVEL(#201) An Unholy Haunting
4/22/20 (We.)8:00 PMTRAVEL(#202) The Witching Tree
4/21/20 (Tu.)10:00 PMTRAVEL(#1R5R03) Behind the Investigation: The Novelist's Nightmare (R)
4/14/20 (Tu.)10:00 PMTRAVEL(#1R5R01) Behind the Investigation: The Squire Street Haunting (R)
4/7/20 (Tu.)10:00 PMTRAVEL(#1R5R02) Behind the Investigation: A Nightmare in the Nursery (R)
12/13/19 (Fr.)10:00 PMTRAVEL(#110) The Apparition of Amelia
12/6/19 (Fr.)10:00 PMTRAVEL(#109) Haunting of Weems Plantation
11/29/19 (Fr.)10:00 PMTRAVEL(#108) Trail of Terrors
11/22/19 (Fr.)10:00 PMTRAVEL(#105) Ghosts from the Battlefield
11/15/19 (Fr.)10:00 PMTRAVEL(#106) The House at Deadman's Curve
11/8/19 (Fr.)10:00 PMTRAVEL(#101) The Squire Street Haunting
11/1/19 (Fr.)10:00 PMTRAVEL(#104) A Legendary Haunting
10/25/19 (Fr.)10:00 PMTRAVEL(#103) The Novelist's Nightmare
10/18/19 (Fr.)10:00 PMTRAVEL(#102) A Nightmare in the Nursery
10/11/19 (Fr.)10:00 PMTRAVEL(#107) The Boys Are Back

10/11/19 - ???
currently airing (fall 2020)
saturdays from 9:00 PM-10:00 PM EST
2 (20 episodes)
(from Travel Channel's press release, October 2020) Jason Hawes, Steve Gonsalves and Dave Tango are back for more adventures to the other side in a new season of "Ghost Nation." This season's locations have bigger mysteries, are more chilling and have never been investigated on television. And this time, they are calling in an old friend for some help - paranormal investigator Shari DeBenedetti. On all investigations, collecting evidence is just the beginning. With the help of their local contacts, they're going to embed themselves in the community, conducting multi-day investigations in an effort to track down the true source of these hauntings and restore peace to the living. Under the United Paranormal Research Organization (UPRO) banner, local paranormal groups will join the team as they employ new devices and techniques for confronting and questioning spirits. They'll do whatever it takes to entice the ghost into telling its story and stop at nothing to get to the bottom of the paranormal phenomena. [Hour-long episodes]
· Dave Tango as Host
· Jason Hawes as Host
· Steve Gonsalves as Host
· Beata Ziel as CO-EP
· Brad Kuhlman as EP
· Casey Brumels as EP
· Daniel A. Schwartz as EP (Travel)
· Jason Hawes as EP
· Josh Gates as EP
· Steve Gonsalves as EP
· reality (all)
· reality (documentary)
· Ping Pong Productions