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date (day) time network episode title
10/7/20 (We.)10:00 PMCNBCTop Ten: Most Beautiful Rides
9/30/20 (We.)10:00 PMCNBCAmerica's Toughest: Unsung Heroes
9/23/20 (We.)10:00 PMCNBCAmerica's Toughest: In Harm's Way
9/16/20 (We.)10:00 PMCNBCAmerica's Toughest: Made in America
9/9/20 (We.)10:00 PMCNBCAmerica's Toughest: Tough Enough
9/2/20 (We.)10:00 PMCNBCTop Ten: Military & Service Vehicles
7/15/20 (We.)10:00 PMCNBCTop Ten: Most Outrageous Rides
7/8/20 (We.)10:00 PMCNBC(#516) All Play and No Work
7/1/20 (We.)10:00 PMCNBC(#515) You Are What You Drive
6/24/20 (We.)10:00 PMCNBC(#514) Road Trip
6/17/20 (We.)10:00 PMCNBC(#513) In Pursuit of Perfection
6/10/20 (We.)10:00 PMCNBC(#512) Even Tougher
6/3/20 (We.)10:00 PMCNBC(#511) Dare to Be Different
5/27/20 (We.)10:00 PMCNBC(#510) Risk vs. Reward
5/20/20 (We.)10:00 PMCNBC(#509) Dare to Dream
5/13/20 (We.)10:00 PMCNBCTop Ten: Most Hair-Raising Moments
5/6/20 (We.)10:00 PMCNBCOff Road Adventures: Closed Roads
4/29/20 (We.)10:00 PMCNBCOff Road Adventures: Going the Distance
4/22/20 (We.)10:00 PMCNBC(#02) Off Road Adventures: Losing Control
4/15/20 (We.)10:00 PMCNBC(#01) Off Road Adventures: Down and Dirty
10/16/19 (We.)10:00 PMCNBC(#508) BUILT FOR SPEED
10/9/19 (We.)10:00 PMCNBC(#507) UNSUNG HEROES
10/2/19 (We.)10:00 PMCNBC(#506) SKY'S THE LIMIT
9/18/19 (We.)10:00 PMCNBC(#504) MODERN ICONS
9/11/19 (We.)10:00 PMCNBC(#503) TRULY UNCONVENTIONAL
9/4/19 (We.)10:00 PMCNBC(#502) CULT CLASSICS
8/28/19 (We.)10:00 PMCNBC(#501) TOUGH ENOUGH
9/20/18 (Th.)10:00 PMCNBC(#416) GOING THE DISTANCE
9/13/18 (Th.)10:00 PMCNBC(#415) GENERAL BADASSERY
8/30/18 (Th.)10:00 PMCNBC(#413) SECOND CHANCES
8/23/18 (Th.)10:00 PMCNBC(#412) ORIGINS
8/16/18 (Th.)10:00 PMCNBC(#411) PRODIGIES
8/9/18 (Th.)10:00 PMCNBC(#410) HARD WORK PAYS OFF
8/2/18 (Th.)10:00 PMCNBC(#409) ROLLING SCULPTURE
7/26/18 (Th.)10:00 PMCNBC(#408) SIZE MATTERS
6/7/18 (Th.)10:00 PMCNBC(#407) ONE OF A KIND
5/24/18 (Th.)10:00 PMCNBC(#406) CARS OF THE SPORTS STARS
5/17/18 (Th.)10:00 PMCNBC(#405) REBELS
5/10/18 (Th.)10:00 PMCNBC(#404) DOWN AND DIRTY
5/3/18 (Th.)10:00 PMCNBC(#403) THE MOTOR CITY
4/26/18 (Th.)10:00 PMCNBC(#402) OVER THE TOP
4/19/18 (Th.)10:00 PMCNBC(#401) MOVIE CARS
2/8/18 (Th.)10:00 PMCNBC(#316) GETTING AWAY
2/1/18 (Th.)10:00 PMCNBC(#315) LIVING THE DREAM
1/25/18 (Th.)10:00 PMCNBC(#314) MORE POWER
1/18/18 (Th.)10:00 PMCNBC(#313) CLOSED ROADS
1/11/18 (Th.)10:00 PMCNBC(#312) ANY WHICH WAY BUT GAS
1/4/18 (Th.)10:00 PMCNBC(#311) IN HARM'S WAY
8/23/17 (We.)10:00 PMCNBC(#310) THE NEXT GENERATION
8/16/17 (We.)10:00 PMCNBC(#309) THE CAR MY FATHER DROVE
8/9/17 (We.)10:00 PMCNBC(#308) KEYS TO HAPPINESS
8/2/17 (We.)10:00 PMCNBC(#307) HAND MADE
7/26/17 (We.)10:00 PMCNBC(#306) CHILD AT HEART
7/19/17 (We.)10:00 PMCNBC(#305) OUTSIDE THE BOX
7/12/17 (We.)10:00 PMCNBC(#304) VICTORY LANE
7/5/17 (We.)10:00 PMCNBC(#303) LOSING CONTROL
6/28/17 (We.)10:00 PMCNBC(#302) LARGER THAN LIFE
6/28/17 (We.)9:00 PMCNBC(#301) MADE IN AMERICA
12/14/16 (We.)10:00 PMCNBC(#212) SPACE AGE
12/7/16 (We.)10:00 PMCNBC(#211) JUST ADD WATER
11/30/16 (We.)10:00 PMCNBC(#210) OLD SCHOOL VS NEW SCHOOL
11/23/16 (We.)10:00 PMCNBC(#209) MUSIC AND CARS
11/16/16 (We.)10:00 PMCNBC(#208) ORIGINAL AND UNRESTORED
11/9/16 (We.)10:00 PMCNBC(#207) LOVE STORIES
7/13/16 (We.)10:00 PMCNBC(#206) WOLF IN SHEEP'S CLOTHING
7/13/16 (We.)9:00 PMCNBC(#205) THE ESSENCE OF COOL
7/6/16 (We.)10:00 PMCNBC(#204) ANARCHY ON WHEELS
6/29/16 (We.)10:00 PMCNBC(#203) ANYTHING BUT FOUR WHEELS
6/22/16 (We.)10:00 PMCNBC(#202) CRIME FIGHTERS
6/15/16 (We.)10:00 PMCNBC(#201) SUPERCARS
12/2/15 (We.)10:00 PMCNBC(#108) THE CARS OF TOMORROW
11/25/15 (We.)10:00 PMCNBC(#107) DESIGN OF THE TIMES
11/18/15 (We.)10:00 PMCNBC(#106) COMPETITVE NATURE
11/11/15 (We.)10:00 PMCNBC(#105) BEASTS OF BURDEN
11/4/15 (We.)10:00 PMCNBC(#104) OFF THE BEATEN PATH
10/21/15 (We.)10:00 PMCNBC(#103) THE DRIVING FORCE
10/14/15 (We.)10:00 PMCNBC(#102) CALIFORNIA CRUISIN'
10/7/15 (We.)10:00 PMCNBC(#101) AMERICAN MUSCLE

10/7/15 - ???
on hiatus or fate to be determined
completed airing its current season
5 (16 episodes)
completed airing its fifth season on 7/15/20; has yet to be renewed for a sixth season
(from CNBC's press release, August 2019) Take a joyride with Jay Leno on an all-new season of "Jay Leno's Garage" returning on Wednesday, August 28 at 10 p.m. ET/PT. The series returns for its fifth season with eight new episodes featuring the legendary comedian and his fearless friends as they get behind the wheel of some of the most badass machines on the planet. Whether it's a cult classic, an iconic ride or one of the most ridiculous vehicles ever made, Jay takes viewers on the ride of their lives. Special guests this season include John Travolta, Matt Damon, Martha Stewart, Billy Joel, Keith Urban, Avril Lavigne, Tim Allen, Jim Jefferies, Jeff Dunham, a rare appearance by Charlie Sheen, and comedian Kevin Hart who kicks off the season premiere alongside Jay on a near-deadly ride in one of the most outrageous off-road vehicles in the world.
· Jay Leno as Host
· Abby Schwarzwalder as EP
· Adam Barry as EP (CNBC)
· Brian Lovett as EP
· Christian Barcellos as EP (CNBC)
· Ernie Avila as EP
· Jay Leno as EP
· Jeff Bumgarner as EP
· Jeff Hasler as EP
· reality (all)
· reality (documentary)
· Kitten Kaboodle
· Original Productions