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date (day) time network episode title
1/22/18 (Mo.)9:00 PMDISCOVERYEPISODE 24
1/15/18 (Mo.)9:00 PMDISCOVERYEPISODE 23
12/18/17 (Mo.)10:00 PMDISCOVERYOverdrive - OH-HI-Yes?
12/18/17 (Mo.)9:00 PMDISCOVERY(#1004) Bad Beets
12/11/17 (Mo.)10:00 PMDISCOVERYOverdrive - Call out to the Nation
12/11/17 (Mo.)9:00 PMDISCOVERY(#1003) Down is the New Up?
12/4/17 (Mo.)9:00 PMDISCOVERY(#1002) Going for the Jugular
12/4/17 (Mo.)8:00 PMDISCOVERY(#S102) Shut Up and Drive
11/27/17 (Mo.)10:00 PMDISCOVERY(#S101) Memphis Blues
11/27/17 (Mo.)9:00 PMDISCOVERY(#1001) Smoked In Memphis
6/12/17 (Mo.)9:00 PMDISCOVERY(#915) Road to Number One
6/5/17 (Mo.)9:00 PMDISCOVERY(#914-120) Midnight Rambler
5/29/17 (Mo.)9:00 PMDISCOVERY(#913) Street Fightin' Man
5/22/17 (Mo.)9:00 PMDISCOVERY(#912) Time Is on My Side
5/15/17 (Mo.)9:00 PMDISCOVERY(#911) Can't You Hear Me Knocking
5/8/17 (Mo.)9:00 PMDISCOVERY(#910-120) Sympathy for the Devil
5/1/17 (Mo.)9:00 PMDISCOVERY(#909) Brand New Car
4/24/17 (Mo.)9:00 PMDISCOVERY(#908) Get Off My Cloud
4/17/17 (Mo.)9:00 PMDISCOVERY(#907) I Can't Get No Satisfaction
4/10/17 (Mo.)9:00 PMDISCOVERY(#906-120) Start Me Up
4/3/17 (Mo.)9:00 PMDISCOVERY(#905) From Mega to Street
3/27/17 (Mo.)9:00 PMDISCOVERY(#904-78) vs. Fast N' Loud: The Mega Race
3/27/17 (Mo.)8:00 PMDISCOVERY(#903) Mega Race Build Up
3/20/17 (Mo.)9:00 PMDISCOVERY(#902) Vs. Fast N' Loud: Build to Mega Race Part IV
3/13/17 (Mo.)9:00 PMDISCOVERY(#901) Vs. Fast N' Loud: Build to Mega Race Part III
1/2/17 (Mo.)9:00 PMDISCOVERY(#811-120) Put Up for Your City
12/26/16 (Mo.)9:00 PMDISCOVERY(#810) Street Mission
12/19/16 (Mo.)9:00 PMDISCOVERY(#809) One
12/12/16 (Mo.)9:00 PMDISCOVERY(#808) Stuck In A Moment
12/5/16 (Mo.)9:00 PMDISCOVERY(#807-120) 75,000 Reasons to Race
11/28/16 (Mo.)9:00 PMDISCOVERY(#806) I Will Follow
11/21/16 (Mo.)9:00 PMDISCOVERY(#805) I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
11/14/16 (Mo.)9:00 PMDISCOVERY(#804) OH-HI-NO
11/7/16 (Mo.)9:00 PMDISCOVERY(#803) It's A Promod Party
10/31/16 (Mo.)9:00 PMDISCOVERY(#801/802) Where the Streets Have No Name/If You Can't Beat-le'em, Join 'em…
6/23/16 (Th.)10:00 PMDISCOVERYOnly the Strong Will Enduro!
6/20/16 (Mo.)9:00 PMDISCOVERY(#710-120) Ready, Set, Crow…
6/13/16 (Mo.)9:00 PMDISCOVERY(#709) The Crow Also Rises…
6/6/16 (Mo.)9:00 PMDISCOVERY(#708) Rebirth of the Crow
5/30/16 (Mo.)10:00 PMDISCOVERY(#707) The Aftermath
5/30/16 (Mo.)9:00 PMDISCOVERY(#706) Knockin' on Heaven's Door
5/23/16 (Mo.)9:00 PMDISCOVERY(#705) Daddy Day Car
5/16/16 (Mo.)9:00 PMDISCOVERY(#704) Sharks After Dark
5/9/16 (Mo.)9:00 PMDISCOVERY(#703) Jumping The Shark-Pool
5/2/16 (Mo.)9:00 PMDISCOVERY(#702) It's Shane In The Membrane
4/25/16 (Mo.)9:00 PMDISCOVERY(#701) The Empire Builds Back
12/7/15 (Mo.)9:00 PMDISCOVERY(#608-120) $50K, All The Way!
11/30/15 (Mo.)9:00 PMDISCOVERY(#607) It's a Hard Knox Life
11/23/15 (Mo.)9:00 PMDISCOVERY(#606) Top of the List to Ya
11/16/15 (Mo.)9:00 PMDISCOVERY(#605) David & Goliath vs. the 405
11/9/15 (Mo.)9:00 PMDISCOVERY(#604) Import this!
11/2/15 (Mo.)9:00 PMDISCOVERY(#603) No Rhino, No Cry
10/26/15 (Mo.)9:00 PMDISCOVERY(#602) Kansas City Barbecue
10/19/15 (Mo.)9:00 PMDISCOVERY(#601) When Life Gives You Lemons
7/27/15 (Mo.)9:00 PMDISCOVERY(#510) The Nationwide Call Out
7/20/15 (Mo.)9:00 PMDISCOVERY(#509) 405 vs. Middle of 'Murica
7/13/15 (Mo.)9:00 PMDISCOVERY(#508) Round Robin Ridiculousness
6/29/15 (Mo.)9:00 PMDISCOVERY(#507) Angel City Danger
6/22/15 (Mo.)9:00 PMDISCOVERY(#506) Fear and Gloating in Las Vegas
6/15/15 (Mo.)9:00 PMDISCOVERY(#505) To Be #1 or Not To Be #1
6/8/15 (Mo.)9:00 PMDISCOVERY(#504) Texas Grudge
6/1/15 (Mo.)9:00 PMDISCOVERY(#503) Small Tires, Big Dreams
5/25/15 (Mo.)9:00 PMDISCOVERY(#502) She's a Good Girl
5/18/15 (Mo.)9:00 PMDISCOVERY(#501-120) Not So Big Easy
5/18/15 (Mo.)8:00 PMDISCOVERYCash Days Countdown
3/9/15 (Mo.)9:00 PMDISCOVERYBumper to Bumper
3/2/15 (Mo.)9:00 PMDISCOVERY(#410) The Southeast's Fastest; Part 2
2/23/15 (Mo.)9:00 PMDISCOVERY(#409) The Southeast's Fastest; Part 1
2/16/15 (Mo.)9:00 PMDISCOVERY(#408) Let Them Eat Crow!
2/9/15 (Mo.)9:00 PMDISCOVERY(#407) Hearse and the Wichita Curse
2/2/15 (Mo.)9:00 PMDISCOVERY(#406) Vocal Local Yokels
1/26/15 (Mo.)9:00 PMDISCOVERY(#405) Gatekeeper Gate
1/19/15 (Mo.)9:00 PMDISCOVERY(#404) Small Tire Shootout
1/12/15 (Mo.)9:00 PMDISCOVERY(#403) Ova for Murder Nova?
1/5/15 (Mo.)9:00 PMDISCOVERY(#402) Shut your Death Trap
12/29/14 (Mo.)9:00 PMDISCOVERY(#401) Down from Chi-Town
12/22/14 (Mo.)10:00 PMDISCOVERYBig Chief vs. Murder Nova
12/15/14 (Mo.)10:00 PMDISCOVERYInterstate Showdown
12/11/14 (Th.)10:00 PMDISCOVERYLoose Nuts
8/4/14 (Mo.)9:00 PMDISCOVERY(#307/308) Big Chief vs. Murder Nova/It's Good to Be the Chief
7/28/14 (Mo.)9:00 PMDISCOVERY(#306) Dallas Cash Days
7/21/14 (Mo.)9:00 PMDISCOVERY(#305) What's Up Doc?
7/14/14 (Mo.)9:00 PMDISCOVERY(#304) The Mouthy Dirty South
7/7/14 (Mo.)9:00 PMDISCOVERY(#303) Top 5 List Shakeup
6/30/14 (Mo.)9:00 PMDISCOVERY(#302) Go Back to Tulsa!
6/23/14 (Mo.)9:00 PMDISCOVERY(#301) The Rise of the Crow
1/13/14 (Mo.)10:00 PMDISCOVERY(#208) Straight Out to Cali
1/6/14 (Mo.)10:00 PMDISCOVERY(#207) Papa's Got a Brand New Bug
1/6/14 (Mo.)9:00 PMDISCOVERY(#206) Drag Week
12/30/13 (Mo.)10:00 PMDISCOVERY(#205) Showdown Lowdown
12/23/13 (Mo.)10:00 PMDISCOVERY(#204) Fastest Chick in OKC
12/16/13 (Mo.)10:00 PMDISCOVERY(#203) Sonoma Mr. Nice Guy
12/9/13 (Mo.)10:00 PMDISCOVERY(#202) Midwest Fireworks
12/2/13 (Mo.)10:00 PMDISCOVERY(#201) Lonestar Smackdown
7/29/13 (Mo.)10:00 PMDISCOVERY(#108) Interstate Showdown
7/22/13 (Mo.)10:00 PMDISCOVERY(#107) Last Car Standing
7/15/13 (Mo.)10:00 PMDISCOVERY(#106) Racer's Revenge
7/8/13 (Mo.)10:00 PMDISCOVERY(#105) Stand Your Ground
7/1/13 (Mo.)10:00 PMDISCOVERY(#104) Murder the Nova
6/24/13 (Mo.)10:00 PMDISCOVERY(#103) King of the Streets
6/21/13 (Fr.)10:00 PMDISCOVERY(#102) Young and Old Blood (R)
6/21/13 (Fr.)9:00 PMDISCOVERY(#101) Midnight Riders (R)
6/17/13 (Mo.)10:00 PMDISCOVERY(#102) Young and Old Blood
6/10/13 (Mo.)10:00 PMDISCOVERY(#101) Midnight Riders

6/10/13 - ???
currently airing (winter 2018)
mondays from 9:00 PM-10:00 PM EST
10 (??? episodes)
(from Discovery's press release, October 2017) In the world of Oklahoma City street racing, you're nothing if you're not on "The List." Who has what it takes to be #1? Tune into STREET OUTLAWS on Discovery, when the series returns on Monday, November 27th at 9pm ET/PT. The new season kicks off with eleven epic races against OKC's archrival Memphis - and later this season, the Outlaws will compete for the highest prize amount in series history. STREET OUTLAWS, featured on Discovery's Motor Mondays, is Discovery's #1 cable series for men, and now, its highly anticipated new season is here to rev up the excitement and thrills. Oklahoma City boasts some of the fastest street racers in America. Big Chief runs "The List," a tally of the 10 best street racers in OKC. If you want to move up a spot, you've got to challenge someone else who's ranked - and win. This season the list is more competitive than ever as some of the top racers struggle to make the cut. Farmtruck and AZN, who both finally clenched spots on the list last season, fiercely battle to hold their ranks. Meanwhile, Chuck attempts to hold onto the top spot and fend off hungry competition from Big Chief and others. Each racer is pulling out all the stops this season, including Shawn who debuts his new "Murder Nova" (Chevy Nova), hoping it will take him to the top. The Outlaws will also compete in a never before seen, 32-car field drag race at Bristol Dragway, with the highest prize amount in series history on the line, as the top four spots win $100,000. The competition is fierce, fast and merciless, and with higher stakes than ever before, the Street Outlaws are back in a big way. The race to top the list continues with faster cars, bigger clashes and more bragging rights at stake when STREET OUTLAWS returns.
· Craig Coffman as EP (Discovery)
· Craig Piligian as EP
· Sam Korkis as EP
· Todd Lefkowitz as EP (Discovery)
· reality (all)
· reality (documentary)
· Pilgrim Media Group