The Futon Critic (www.thefutoncritic.com) is the web's best television resource. It informs television viewers on breaking news, what's on TV, premiers and finales, ratings, and TV guides, and gives our audience of the most connected and engaged entertainment consumers the resources and tools they want and need. TheFutonCritic.com provides much more than the vast majority of television websites - it features expert columns, exclusive content, web-exclusive stories, show insights, and more.

TheFutonCritic.com visitors are 100% focused on television content, and are TV fans, show creators, producers, and writers.

TheFutonCritic.com creates custom marketing programs for advertisers. Understanding that each client has unique goals, TheFutonCritic.com offers a variety of advertising solutions to create the perfect match between campaign and audience.


Delivering the web's best television resource, TheFutonCritic.com has an average of 1.4 monthly unique visitors in the U.S. (Quantcast, July 2009).


Online for over 15 years, TheFutonCritic.com is devoted exclusively to television content:

Season Guide: The current season guides, and upcoming seasons, allow visitors to stay in touch with shows and schedules.

Breaking News: On a daily basis, TheFutonCritic.com reporters publish new, exclusive stories pertaining to television shows.

Editor Rants and Raves: Our executive-editor, Brian Ford Sullivan, espouses on a variety of happenings on television, and is widely read and quoted. Brian features exclusive interviews with Executive Producers and writers, and a frequent guest expert on TV and radio.

What's on Tonight: Resource Center combines tools and guides on highlighted shows, new series, premiering series, and original movies.

Premiers and Finales: Area dedicated to show premiers and finales.

Top Ratings: Daily ratings breakdowns, important for any TV fan, and a must for any TV insider.

Archives: Over 38,000 past columns are available.

Additional Content Areas: TheFutonCritic.com has more than a dozen TV-relevant sections including shows in development and on hiatus, mini-series and made-for-TV films, and shows in pilot, in script, and seeking talent.


We understand that each client has unique goals, so we offer a variety of advertising solutions on TheFutonCritic.com to help you reach this highly desirable audience in the most effective way.

Display Advertising

We offer a variety of banner advertising units including Leader board (728x90), Rectangle (350x250), and Skyscraper (160x600). We accept standard banner creative as well as support for a wide array of rich media types.

Advertising can be targeted run of site or channel targeted.

Content Channel Sponsorship

TheFutonCritic.com offers sponsorship opportunities on all major sections of TheFutonCritic.com. Sponsorship sections consist of season guides, articles by topic, ratings, and show sections pertaining to a specific genre.


TheFutonCritic.com accepts RSS advertising in RSS feeds through Feedburner.


Call or e-mail for prices.



The ad units are IAB standard sizes and dimensions in pixels. Maximum file size is 30K. Looping restrictions: Animated, 4 loops max with refresh time of no less than 2 seconds.

Lead Time: Please allow 2 business days for standard creative and 3 business days for rich media ads prior to the campaign start date for testing and QA.

Pop Up/ Pop Under: Pop up and Pop under are not currently allowed, except for pop-under exit.

Sound: The use of audio streams lasting one second or longer must be initiated by click only. Sound under one second is allowed for mouseover events meaning "click" or "beep" sounds. Use of audio during the initial download must include a clearly labeled option for turning off audio.

Expanding/Floating Ads: Expanding ads and floating ads must have a close button and user initiated sound with audio off options. The time limit for a floating ad is 10 seconds and the ad must have a close button.

Streaming Video in Ads: Accepted in flash format, 40k max file size, user initiated audio, 30 seconds length, and must have off/mute/close button.

Third Party Served: Third party ad serving is accepted. All creative must function uniformly on Mac and PC platforms and in any browser versions of Netscape and IE. Ads must open a new window when clicked.

Flash Ads: GIF alternative is required for Flash creative. Flash cannot exceed 45k file size and gif backup file size is 15k-20k. Flash must be version 3 or higher and delivered as a .swf file. Looping restricted to 4 loops.

RSS: Contact a salesperson for specification.


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