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date (day) time network episode title
9/14/18 (Fr.)5:00 PMGSN(#101) Beachcombers vs. Travel Buddies (R)
9/13/18 (Th.)5:00 PMGSN(#164) The Puzzle Pals vs. Karoake Kids
9/12/18 (We.)5:00 PMGSN(#163) The Golden Girls vs. The Rappers
9/11/18 (Tu.)5:00 PMGSN(#162) The Waiters vs. Team Bunco
9/10/18 (Mo.)5:00 PMGSN(#161) The Detroiters vs. The Preciados
9/7/18 (Fr.)5:00 PMGSN(#160) Salon vs. Glampers
9/6/18 (Th.)5:00 PMGSN(#159) Helpers vs. Theme Park Pals
9/5/18 (We.)5:00 PMGSN(#158) The Villaseniors vs. SUV Moms
9/4/18 (Tu.)5:00 PMGSN(#157) Mentors vs. School Moms
9/3/18 (Mo.)5:00 PMGSN(#156) Sorority Sisters vs. The Monteses
8/31/18 (Fr.)5:00 PMGSN(#155) High School Besties vs. The Whites
8/30/18 (Th.)5:00 PMGSN(#154) The Faculty vs. Animal Rescuers
8/29/18 (We.)5:00 PMGSN(#153) The Wedding Party vs. Delivery Drivers
8/28/18 (Tu.)5:00 PMGSN(#152) Team Dodgeball vs. Brunch Bunch
8/27/18 (Mo.)5:00 PMGSN(#151) The Neighbors vs. Fitness Friends
8/24/18 (Fr.)5:00 PMGSN(#150) Cyclists vs. High School Friends
8/23/18 (Th.)5:00 PMGSN(#149) Runners vs. The Romeros
8/22/18 (We.)5:00 PMGSN(#148) Soccer Moms vs. Shakespeare Club
8/21/18 (Tu.)5:00 PMGSN(#147) Yogis vs. Competitive Eaters
8/20/18 (Mo.)5:00 PMGSN(#146) Musicians vs. Middle School Tutors
8/17/18 (Fr.)5:00 PMGSN(#145) Girl Scout Leaders vs. The Washingtons
8/16/18 (Th.)5:00 PMGSN(#144) Cloggers vs. Science Geeks
8/15/18 (We.)5:00 PMGSN(#143) Lady Wrestlers vs. Faculty Lounge
8/14/18 (Tu.)5:00 PMGSN(#142) College Crew vs. The Realtors
8/13/18 (Mo.)5:00 PMGSN(#141) Salon vs. Glampers
8/10/18 (Fr.)5:00 PMGSN(#140) Artists vs. Singers
8/9/18 (Th.)5:00 PMGSN(#139) College Buddies vs. Lake Crew
8/8/18 (We.)5:00 PMGSN(#138) Stylists vs. Bakers
8/7/18 (Tu.)5:00 PMGSN(#137) Hot Rods vs. Cousins
8/6/18 (Mo.)5:00 PMGSN(#136) The Alvords vs. Workout Buddies
8/3/18 (Fr.)5:00 PMGSN(#135) Cooking Club vs. The Yanezes
8/2/18 (Th.)5:00 PMGSN(#134) Princess Leias vs. Gamers
8/1/18 (We.)5:00 PMGSN(#133) Fantasy Football League vs. Class of '98
7/31/18 (Tu.)5:00 PMGSN(#132) Theme Partiers vs. Roomies
7/30/18 (Mo.)5:00 PMGSN(#131) Nerds vs. Educators
7/27/18 (Fr.)5:00 PMGSN(#130) Detroiters vs. Gym Rats
7/26/18 (Th.)5:00 PMGSN(#129) Dueling Piano Players vs. Wine Tasters
7/25/18 (We.)5:00 PMGSN(#128) Carolers vs. Spicy Girls
7/24/18 (Tu.)5:00 PMGSN(#127) The Titens vs. Dancing Divas
7/23/18 (Mo.)5:00 PMGSN(#126) The Grifkas vs. Workout Buddies
7/20/18 (Fr.)5:00 PMGSN(#125) New Yorkers vs. The Southards
7/19/18 (Th.)5:00 PMGSN(#124) Quidditch Team vs. Soul Dancers
7/18/18 (We.)5:00 PMGSN(#123) Softballers vs. Movie Buffs
7/17/18 (Tu.)5:00 PMGSN(#122) Dog Lovers vs. SUV Moms
7/16/18 (Mo.)5:00 PMGSN(#121) Meditators vs. Camp Counselors
7/13/18 (Fr.)5:00 PMGSN(#120) Storytellers vs. The Licatas
7/12/18 (Th.)5:00 PMGSN(#119) DJs vs. Teachers
7/11/18 (We.)5:00 PMGSN(#118) Karaoke Kids vs. Professors
7/10/18 (Tu.)5:00 PMGSN(#117) Line Dancers vs. Karate Team
7/9/18 (Mo.)5:00 PMGSN(#116) Middle School Besties vs. The Sci-Fi Gang
7/6/18 (Fr.)5:00 PMGSN(#115) Team Trivia vs. Foodies
7/5/18 (Th.)5:00 PMGSN(#114) The Parras vs. Poker Pals
7/4/18 (We.)5:00 PMGSN(#113) Wrestlers vs. The Villasenors
7/3/18 (Tu.)5:00 PMGSN(#112) Flag Footballers vs. Team Cheesecake
7/2/18 (Mo.)5:00 PMGSN(#111) Belly Dancers vs. Summer Campers
6/29/18 (Fr.)5:00 PMGSN(#110) Team Tennessee vs. PTA Moms
6/28/18 (Th.)5:00 PMGSN(#109) The Preciados vs. The Dinner Party
6/27/18 (We.)5:00 PMGSN(#108) Puzzlers vs. Chili Cookers
6/26/18 (Tu.)5:00 PMGSN(#107) Dodgeballers vs. The Attars
6/25/18 (Mo.)5:00 PMGSN(#106) Co-Workers vs. Quilters
6/22/18 (Fr.)5:00 PMGSN(#105) The Walkers vs. Opera Pals
6/21/18 (Th.)5:00 PMGSN(#104) Co-Workers vs. Basketball Parents
6/20/18 (We.)5:00 PMGSN(#103) Team Renaissance vs. the Floyds
6/19/18 (Tu.)5:00 PMGSN(#102) Kickball Team vs. Church Ladies
6/18/18 (Mo.)5:00 PMGSN(#101) Beachcombers vs. Travel Buddies
6/17/18 (Su.)8:00 PMGSNSneak Peek

Returns in TBA 2019 (Exact Date TBA)
6/17/18 - ???
returning in 2019/2020 (date TBA)
not on the schedule
2 (95 episodes)
renewed through the 2018-19 season (the show's second of 95 episodes) on 8/14/18
(from GSN's press release, August 2018) Game Show Network, the leader in game shows and competitive entertainment, announced today its original hit series AMERICA SAYS, hosted by John Michael Higgins, will return for a 95-episode second season. The announcement comes on the heels of a successful premiere season, which has seen the show build over its lead-in by +26%, while also performing over +40% above YTD time period average among our core W25-54 demo. "I can't wait to challenge a whole new season of contestants with fill-in-the-blank questions that I personally guess wrong every single time," said John Michael Higgins. "I have so much fun with 'America Says' and this season will be a blast!" AMERICA SAYS is a fast-paced studio game show where two teams of friends and family face off to guess America's responses to fill-in-the-blank survey questions covering every topic under the sun. They'll have to be quick when trying to think of what America says, as time is always ticking and the team with the most money banked after three rounds will head to a bonus round to see if they can win up to $15,000.
· John Michael Higgins as Host
· Cleve Keller as EP
· Dave Noll as EP
· Mark Herwick as EP
· Tara Long as EP
· game show
· Entertainment One Television
· Keller-Noll