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date (day) time network episode title
5/11/19 (Sa.)9:30 AMNICK JR(#226) Rusty's Arctic Adventure/Super Liam
4/27/19 (Sa.)11:30 AMNICK JR(#224) Rusty and the Floating School/Rutsy vs. Mega Frankford
3/30/19 (Sa.)11:30 AMNICK JR(#223) Rusty's Elephant Escape/Rusty and the Flying Skunk
3/2/19 (Sa.)11:30 AMNICK JR(#222) Rusty's Roller Rescue/Knight Time for Rusty
2/16/19 (Sa.)11:30 AMNICK JR(#221) Rusty's Bubble Trouble/Rusty's Runaway Sub
1/26/19 (Sa.)11:30 AMNICK JR(#217) Rusty and the Temple of Boom
12/8/18 (Sa.)11:00 AMNICK JR(#220) Rusty Saves Christmas
10/4/18 (Th.)12:30 PMNICK(#219) Pet for Liam/Rusty's Dome Trouble
10/2/18 (Tu.)12:30 PMNICK(#216) Rusty and the Heroic Helpers/Rusty's Monkey Rescue
9/14/18 (Fr.)12:30 PMNICK(#218) Rusty's Dino Coaster/Rusty's Teacher Appreciation Day
8/17/18 (Fr.)12:00 PMNICK(#214) Super Rusty vs. Super Villain Bot/Rusty in Space
7/12/18 (Th.)12:00 PMNICK(#215) Rusty's Walk on the Small Side/Liam Gets Birdnapped
7/10/18 (Tu.)12:00 PMNICK(#213) Rusty's Sick Fix/Rusty's Journey to the Center of Sparkton Hills
6/14/18 (Th.)12:30 PMNICK(#211) Rusty's Show Must Go On/Rusty and the S'mores Snatcher
6/12/18 (Tu.)12:30 PMNICK(#212) Rusty's Runaway Sled/Rusty's Sky Pie Delivery
5/10/18 (Th.)12:00 PMNICK(#209) Rusty's Relaxing Recliner/Rusty and the Stinky Situation
5/8/18 (Tu.)12:00 PMNICK(#210) Rusty and the Birthday Surprise/Rusty's Ninja Fish Rescue
4/20/18 (Fr.)12:30 PMNICK(#208) Rusty and the Pirates of Sparkton Hills/Rusty's Mouse Problem
4/12/18 (Th.)12:00 PMNICK(#207) Rusty and the Nuts to Bolts/Rusty's Day of the Drones
4/10/18 (Tu.)12:00 PMNICK(#206) The Fix It 500/Ice Ice Rusty
3/27/18 (Tu.)12:00 PMNICK(#206) Rusty and the Fix It 500/Ice Ice Rusty
3/27/18 (Tu.)12:00 PMNICK(#205) Frankie's Botasaur/Rusty's Mega Stacker
3/22/18 (Th.)12:00 PMNICK(#205) Frankie's Botasaur/Rusty's Mega Stacker
3/20/18 (Tu.)12:00 PMNICK(#207) Rusty and the Nuts to Bolts/Rusty's Day of the Drones
1/25/18 (Th.)12:30 PMNICK(#203) Rusty's Monkey Business/Rusty's Snow Problem
1/23/18 (Tu.)12:30 PMNICK(#204) Rusty's Piggy Bank Heist/Rusty's Whale of a Problem
1/11/18 (Th.)12:00 PMNICK(#202) Rusty's Mobile Rivet Lab
1/9/18 (Tu.)12:00 PMNICK(#201) Ruby's Comet Adventure/Rusty's Messy Mishap
12/15/17 (Fr.)1:00 PMNICK(#115) Rusty Learns to Skate/Rusty's Rustic Adventure
11/22/17 (We.)12:30 PMNICK(#124) Rusty's Plant Predicament/Rusty's Beach Day Delay
11/2/17 (Th.)9:30 AMNICK(#126) Robo Rusty/Ruby's Kittybot
10/31/17 (Tu.)9:30 AMNICK(#125) Rusty's Dancing Suit/Rusty Bee Good
10/19/17 (Th.)9:30 AMNICK(#123) Rusty's Spooky Adventure/Rusty Loses the Bits
10/17/17 (Tu.)9:30 AMNICK(#119) Rusty's Alien Invasion/Rusty's Running Car
9/14/17 (Th.)1:00 PMNICK(#122) Rusty's Mysterious Mystery/Rusty's Yard-Cade Game
9/12/17 (Tu.)1:00 PMNICK(#121) Rusty's Pet Project/Rusty Gets Stuck
8/3/17 (Th.)1:00 PMNICK(#120) Rusty Feels Peachy/Rusty's Monkey Mayhem
8/1/17 (Tu.)1:00 PMNICK(#118) Rusty's Botafort/Rusty's Bull Dozer
5/12/17 (Fr.)1:00 PMNICK(#116) Rusty's Mechanical Animal/Rusty's Spaceship
5/9/17 (Tu.)1:00 PMNICK(#117) Rusty and the Bit Police/Rusty's Jam at the Dam
4/20/17 (Th.)1:00 PMNICK(#114) Rusty and Captain Scoops/Rusty's Creature Catcher
4/18/17 (Tu.)1:00 PMNICK(#113) Rusty In Liam Land/Rusty the Vacuum Kid
3/10/17 (Fr.)1:00 PMNICK(#112) Rusty's Water Works/Rusty's Rubbish Race
2/23/17 (Th.)1:00 PMNICK(#111) Rusty's Space Bit/Rusty and the Sneezing Fish
2/21/17 (Tu.)1:00 PMNICK(#103) Rusty's Penguin Problem/Rusty's Sand Castle Hassle
1/12/17 (Th.)1:00 PMNICK(#110) Rusty's Nest Friend Forever/Rusty's Flingbot
1/10/17 (Tu.)1:00 PMNICK(#104) Ruby Rocks/Rusty's Balloon Blast
12/9/16 (Fr.)1:00 PMNICK(#102) Rusty's Ski Trip Blip/Rusty and the Camp Bandit
11/17/16 (Th.)1:00 PMNICK(#108) Rusty Goes Bananas/Rusty's Night Lights
11/15/16 (Tu.)1:00 PMNICK(#109) Rusty's Bit In The Woods/Rusty's Stuffy Toughy
11/11/16 (Fr.)1:00 PMNICK(#106) Rusty Marks the Spot/Rusty's Bits on the Fritz
11/10/16 (Th.)1:00 PMNICK(#105) Rusty Dives In/Rusty's Big Top Trouble
11/9/16 (We.)1:00 PMNICK(#107) Rusty Digs In/Rusty's Brave Cave Save
11/8/16 (Tu.)1:00 PMNICK(#101) Rusty's Rex Rescue/Rusty's Park N' Fly
8/22/16 (Mo.)7:30 PMNICK(#101) Rusty's Rex Rescue/Rusty's Park N' Fly

11/8/16 - ???
on hiatus or fate to be determined
not on the schedule
2 (26 episodes)
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renewed through the 2018-19 season (the show's third of 26 episodes) on 5/22/18
(from Nickelodeon's press release, May 2018) In the third season of Rusty Rivets (26 half-hour episodes, produced by Spin Master Entertainment), Rusty and Ruby go on all-new, larger-than-life adventures as they discover new locations with their amazing robotic dinosaur builds which include an awesome brontosaurus Mobile Rivet Lab, a speedy robotic raptor, and a daredevil robotic pterodactyl. Inspired by the DIY culture of the maker movement, Rusty Rivets helps preschoolers gain confidence and fuel their creativity with a focus on inventing, creating and problem solving.
· Laura Clunie as EP
· Ronnen Harary as EP
· comedy (all)
· comedy (animated)
· Spin Master Entertainment