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date (day) time network episode title
6/10/17 (Sa.)9:00 PMAMC(#110) Scalps
6/3/17 (Sa.)9:00 PMAMC(#109) The Prophecy
5/20/17 (Sa.)9:00 PMAMC(#108) Honey Hunt
5/13/17 (Sa.)9:00 PMAMC(#107) Marriage Bond
5/6/17 (Sa.)9:00 PMAMC(#106) The Buffalo Hunter
4/29/17 (Sa.)9:00 PMAMC(#105) No Prisoners
4/22/17 (Sa.)9:00 PMAMC(#104) Death Song
4/15/17 (Sa.)9:00 PMAMC(#103) Second Empire
4/8/17 (Sa.)9:00 PMAMC(#101/102) First Son of Texas/The Plum Tree (**)
4/8/17 (Sa.)9:00 PMAMC(#101/102) First Son of Texas/The Plum Tree

Returns in TBA 2019 (Exact Date TBA)
4/8/17 - ???
returning in 2019/2020 (date TBA)
not on the schedule
2 (10 episodes)
renewed through the 2017-18 season (the show's second of 10 episodes) on 5/12/17
(from AMC's press release, May 2017) AMC today announced that it has renewed its Western drama, "The Son" for a second season. Starring Pierce Brosnan, "The Son" is a sweeping saga about a Texas ranching and oil family based on Philipp Meyer's New York Times best-selling and Pulitzer Prize finalist novel of the same name. The series will return to AMC in 2018 with 10 new episodes. AMC is currently airing season one of "The Son," which is averaging 2.3 million viewers each week, capping a day of classic Western films and television shows on Saturdays. In the current television season, "The Son" is the #1 original program on cable on Saturday nights and #3 in all of television. "The Son" is an epic family saga spanning three generations and 150 years of the McCullough family. The series traces the transformation of Eli McCullough (Brosnan), the charismatic family patriarch, from good-natured innocent to calculating killer. He loses everything on the wild frontier, setting him on the path to building a ranching-and-oil dynasty of unsurpassed wealth and privilege. Eli's eldest son Pete (Henry Garrett), has grown up in his father's shadow and struggles to make him proud while forging his own identity. Pete's strong-willed daughter, Jeannie (Sydney Lucas) idolizes her grandfather and despite being raised in a male-dominated world, rejects her fate of existing solely to marry and bear children. Eli's ruthlessness pits him against his wealthy Spanish neighbor, Pedro Garcia (Carlos Bardem) and his quest for power triggers consequences that span generations. Shared through a series of flashbacks, "The Son" pulls viewers into the world of young Eli McCullough (Jacob Lofland) and his father figure, Comanche war chief, Toshaway (Zahn McClarnon) and deftly explores the McCullough's rise to become one the most powerful family dynasties in Texas.
· Carlos Bardem
· Elizabeth Frances as Prairie Flower
· Henry Garrett as Pete McCullough
· J. Quinton Johnson as Neptune
· Jacob Lofland as Young Eli McCullough
· Jess Weixler as Sally
· Manuel Uriza as Aniceto Pizana
· Nick Stevenson as Fred Bernhauer
· Paola Nunez as Maria Garcia
· Pierce Brosnan as Eli McCullough
· Sydney Lucas as Jeannie McCullough
· Zahn McClarnon as Toshaway
· Sam Neill as Eli McCullough (Originally Cast)
· Brian McGreevy as EP
· Jenna Glazier as PROD
· Kevin Murphy as EP
· Lee Shipman as EP
· Philipp Meyer as BOOK/CRTR/EP
· Tom Harper as DIR (Pilot)
· drama
· AMC Studios
· Sonar Entertainment