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date (day) time network episode title
8/25/19 (Su.)9:30 AMNICK JR(#203) Monkey Business
7/28/19 (Su.)9:30 AMNICK JR(#201) Doodle the Boss
6/23/19 (Su.)9:30 AMNICK JR(#140) The Royal Wedding
5/19/19 (Su.)9:30 AMNICK JR(#139) Three-Headed Rose
4/14/19 (Su.)11:00 AMNICK JR(#202) Sunny and the Springtacular
3/24/19 (Su.)11:00 AMNICK JR(#137) A Berry Good Smell
2/24/19 (Su.)11:00 AMNICK JR(#136) Parlor Problems
2/3/19 (Su.)11:00 AMNICK JR(#134) Pet Parlor
1/13/19 (Su.)11:00 AMNICK JR(#138) Jump
12/2/18 (Su.)11:30 AMNICK JR(#135) A Different Duo
11/25/18 (Su.)11:30 AMNICK JR(#133) Violet's Adventure
11/18/18 (Su.)11:30 AMNICK JR(#131) Skating Siblings
11/11/18 (Su.)11:30 AMNICK JR(#130) Dance Buddies
11/4/18 (Su.)11:30 AMNICK JR(#123) Cindy and the Cupcake Machine
10/29/18 (Mo.)9:30 AMNICK(#132) Timmy's Big Day
10/28/18 (Su.)11:30 AMNICK JR(#129) Pancake Party
10/21/18 (Su.)11:30 AMNICK JR(#132) Timmy's Big Day
8/10/18 (Fr.)12:30 PMNICK(#105) Band Together
7/9/18 (Mo.)9:30 AMNICK(#124) Sunny's Squad
6/25/18 (Mo.)9:30 AMNICK(#128) Lulu the Woodland Fairy
6/18/18 (Mo.)9:30 AMNICK(#127) The Forever Home
6/11/18 (Mo.)9:30 AMNICK(#125) Sleepover Surprise
6/4/18 (Mo.)9:30 AMNICK(#115) A Day at the Beach
5/14/18 (Mo.)9:30 AMNICK(#126) The Royal Portrait
4/13/18 (Fr.)12:00 PMNICK(#122) Cirque du Sunny
3/23/18 (Fr.)12:00 PMNICK(#121) Poodle Puff Pals
2/9/18 (Fr.)12:00 PMNICK(#118) Clowning Around
1/19/18 (Fr.)12:00 PMNICK(#119) Sunny's Not-So-Simple Concert
12/8/17 (Fr.)9:30 AMNICK(#120) Best Christmas Ever
12/1/17 (Fr.)10:30 AMNICK(#116) Wild Styled
11/17/17 (Fr.)12:00 PMNICK(#117) Lacey's Salon
11/3/17 (Fr.)12:30 PMNICK(#103) If Timmy Gives You Apples
10/27/17 (Fr.)12:30 PMNICK(#110) The Royal Visit
10/13/17 (Fr.)12:30 PMNICK(#114) Pumpkin Pursuit
10/6/17 (Fr.)12:30 PMNICK(#111) Messenger Mix-Up
9/21/17 (Th.)10:00 AMNICK(#112) Top Dog
9/19/17 (Tu.)10:00 AMNICK(#101) Friendship Day
9/8/17 (Fr.)12:30 PMNICK(#113) Junior's Teddy Bear
8/31/17 (Th.)10:00 AMNICK(#102) Sunny and the Princesses
8/29/17 (Tu.)10:00 AMNICK(#106) Style Swap
8/25/17 (Fr.)10:00 AMNICK(#104) Puppy Love
8/23/17 (We.)10:00 AMNICK(#108) Sunny's Birthday Wish List
8/21/17 (Mo.)10:00 AMNICK(#107) Stick With Me
7/7/17 (Fr.)12:30 PMNICK(#109) The Topi-Hairy Contest

7/7/17 - ???
currently airing (summer 2019)
sundays from 9:30 AM-10:00 AM EST
2 (??? episodes)
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(from Nickelodeon's press release, August 2017) Preschoolers will be smiling and styling with Sunny and her friends in Nickelodeon's brand-new animated series, Sunny Day, premiering Monday, Aug. 21, at 10 a.m. (ET/PT). The series (40 episodes) centers on Sunny, a 10-year-old master hairstylist and entrepreneur who uses creative problem-solving to tackle any dilemma that arises in her seaside town of Friendly Falls. The characters in the series celebrate individuality and self-expression, while the show's social-emotional curriculum highlights leadership, innovative thinking and teamwork. Sunny Day is developed and produced by Silvergate Media (Peter Rabbit), and airs regularly weekdays at 10 a.m. (ET/PT) on Nickelodeon. Sunny (Lilla Crawford) is a confident and creative natural leader who runs her own hair salon in the town of Friendly Falls. When adventure calls, Sunny sets out to save the day with her can-do attitude, salon-on-the-go Glam Van, best friends and colleagues, Rox (Elan Luz Rivera) and Blair (Taylor Louderman), and her dog Doodle (Rob Morrison). Each episode of Sunny Day features a unique digital extension on Nickjr.com and the Nick Jr. App where kids and their parents can watch fun, live-action hairstyle tutorials that are tied directly to the hairstyles featured in each episode and narrated by Sunny.
· Elan Luz Rivera as Rox
· Lilla Crawford as Sunny
· Rob Morrison as Doodle
· Taylor Louderman as Blair
· no information is available
· comedy (all)
· comedy (animated)
· Silvergate Media