[friday, november 20, 2020]    
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12:01 AM HULU animaniacs: season 1 (#101-113)
[series premiere]
  HULU hulu feature film special: run
[special presentation]
  AMAZON pack, the: season 1 (#101-110)
[series premiere]
  AMAZON small axe: mangrove (#101)
[series premiere]
12:08 AM SUNDANCE deutschland 89: the end of history (#308)
[3rd season finale]
3:01 AM NETFLIX arashi's diary -voyage-: preparing for november 3rd (#118)
[special presentation]
  NETFLIX barrier, the: alone together (#111)
  DISNEY+ disney+ documentary film special: the real right stuff
[special presentation]
  NETFLIX flavorful origins (china): gansu cuisine (#301-310)
[3rd season premiere]
  NETFLIX great british baking show, the (united kingdom): patisserie week (#C809/UK1109)
  DISNEY+ mandalorian, the: chapter 12 (#204)
  DISNEY+ marvel's 616: season 1 (#101-108)
[series premiere]
  NETFLIX mismatched: season 1 (#101-106)
[series premiere]
  NETFLIX netflix special: alien xmas (English)
[special presentation]
  NETFLIX netflix special: if anything happens i love you (English)
[special presentation]
  DISNEY+ one day at disney shorts: season finale (#151)
[1st season finale]
  DISNEY+ right stuff, the: flight (#108)
[1st season finale]
  CBSAA tooning out the news: 11/20/20 week in review (alex wagner/rick klein/alex gibney/nicole perloth) (#204)
  NETFLIX voices of fire: season 1 (#101-106)
[series premiere]
6:30 AM OVATION celebrity antiques road trip: episode 819 (0819CA)
7:00 AM A&E live rescue: rewind #40
8:00 AM CARTOON thundercats roar: grune (#V150)
8:30 AM DISNEY mira, royal detective: the mikku mystery / the case of the getaway goats
9:00 AM A&E live rescue: rewind #17
  DISNEY mickey mouse mixed-up adventures: goofy and pete's wild ride / the happiest day of all!
9:30 AM DISNEY t.o.t.s.: the magical baby / loveys on the loose
11:00 AM NICK blue's clues & you! : blue's big baking show (#204)
11:30 AM NICK blaze and the monster machines: the treat thief (#519)
12:00 PM NICK paw patrol: pups save a bah humdinger! (#717)
12:30 PM NICK santiago of the seas: a pirate christmas (#114)
4:00 PM VICE vice special: vice news reports. trans youth
[one-hour special presentation]
6:00 PM FACEBOOK kinderfänger: down the rabbit hole (#104)
7:00 PM NICK astronauts, the: day 3 (#103)
  OXYGEN dateline nbc: the comic book murder - parts 1 & 2 (#SU933-120)
  ESPN thursday night college football: syracuse at louisville (#2319)
8:00 PM NBC blacklist, the: katarina rostova: conclusion (#802)
[8th season fall finale]
  DISCOVERY gold rush: it's alive (#1105)
  HGTV my lottery dream home: 500,000 reasons to party (#1101)
[11th season premiere]
  DISNEY raven's home: sharp job-jects
  ABC shark tank: episode 1206 (#1206)
  SMITH smithsonian special: covid: race against the virus
  LIFETIME taste of christmas, a
[original telefilm]
  PBS washington week: episode 6021 (#6021)
  FOX wwe's friday night smackdown: 112020 (WWE-2247)
8:26 PM DISNEY just roll with it: owen's bromance
8:30 PM PBS firing line with margaret hoover: episode 421 (#421)
8:50 PM DISNEY disney fam jam: barnes & schroeder
9:00 PM PEACOCK amber ruffin show, the: november 20, 2020 (#108)
  HISTORY ancient aliens: the lost kingdom (#1514)
  NBC dateline nbc: point blank (#120)
  FOOD diners, drive-ins & dives: pierogis, pork and pizza (#3401)
  DISCOVERY gold rush: white water: good as gold (#402)
  HGTV hgtv special: holiday crafters gone wild (#101)
[two-hour special presentation]
  A&E live rescue: live rescue - 11.20.20
  WE love after lockup: life after lockup: life after lockup: m.i.a. fiancĂ©e (#319)
[3rd season fall premiere]
  OWN ready to love: the tea is getting good (#205)
  PEACOCK wilmore: november 20, 2020: disinformation (#110)
  The CW world's funniest animals: episode 110 (#110)
9:01 PM ABC 20/20: tba
9:30 PM FS1 cfb on fox: new mexico at air force (Week 12)
10:00 PM CNBC american greed: bonus edition - the fake prince's royal scam
  DISCOVERY gold rush: the dirt: a new attitude (#S105)
[one-hour special presentation]
  FX new york times presents, the: the teenager who hacked twitter (#206)
  OWN put a ring on it: family matters (#105)
  HBO real time with bill maher: michael eric dyson; alex wagner; and jon meacham (#550/1835)
[18th season finale]
  CINEMAX warrior: all enemies, foreign and domestic (#208)
11:00 PM HBO how to with john wilson: how to split the check (#05/105)

  [november 2020]